Thursday, June 7, 2007

Made in Mason City Season 1 Finale

The top hit fan fic ever made is coming to an end!Made in Mason City Season 1 brought excitment, action, romance, and much more for all readers to enjoy! With the four top aritits in this magnificent fan fic brought more and more readers to the family! Tomorrow will be the Season 1 finale! Readers have been asking, "What will happen to Kieu?" "Is the boy really Kieu's son?" "What will happen to the others?" "Will Quang be okay?" and many more!

Made in Mason City is climbing to the top everyday with more and more suprises! Many problems have occured in this season, Tuyet and Quang's problems, the kiddnap, Kieu's son, and much more. Having so much problems, there were also good things that occured also, the reunion of high school friends, and funny suprises!

With an ending of a fabulous season, there will be more suprises, action, and more excitment for the readers!

Here is the Trailer of Season 1:

Stay tune for more news about Made in Mason City and other fan fics! And the Fan Fic Convention will be coming soon!

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