Monday, May 28, 2007

Rise of the FanFics

As you all the know, many are creating wonderful and excellent fan fics! The Fan Fic generation started with a simple, sentence and then another person write the next and the next. Then as the story gets more exciting, that little story game was called, "The Never Ending Fairy Tale" written by the wonderful members of, which all of them went their own way and created more fan fics! Some went solo and others went by groups. With many fan fics around, all fans have a enjoyable time reading all of them, and some are anxious and pushing writter to hurry up!

One of the most popular fan fic that is up to its 18th chapter, "Made in Mason City" has the most readers! This fan fic is written by two outstanding writters and creators, Puppylo16 and Mnn2880! With there talented skills of graphics, and video making along with their writting, their fan fic is one of the "Best Fan Fic" after " The Never Ending Fairy Tale."

Before, "Made in Mason City" was made, there was " The Legend of the Two Sisters" written by me! This fan fic is on its 7th chapter, but many readers are anxious for this season to be over. The chapters are updated slowly and sometimes delays, but it stills entertain readers!

After that, there was "Destroyed Melodies" which is on its 4th chapter. This fan fic is written by Drun13. The chapters are short but its similar to the sentence game.

Just a few days ago, "Modern Beauties" had its first premire on Friday, May 26th! Having so must fans on its first day, the writter, Tuan was nice to release another chapter! Having a great request for more, Tuan releases his work ONLY on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

With so many Fan Fics out there, high demands on each are the same, there are no competitions with each other b/c each writter put in advices and help to each other!
More information about these outstanding Fan Fics will be posted soon!The Fan Fics will be posted on the right side column for everyone to read!Enjoy and hope to see some more Fan Fics coming!
NOTE: Sorry if I didn't mention all the Fan Fics, please tell me and I will mention your Fan Fic!

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