Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fan Fic Convention Part. 2

[Ky Duyen]: WOW! They did a fantastic job! The 2nd part of the show will begin in a few hours! While the singers and the crew get everything ready, we will go back to Loan Chau!

[Loan Chau]: Hello! Wasn't that exciting to see your favorite singers acting? I guess Thuynga or Entertainment247 should make a movie! Ohh Fan Fic Epic movie! That would be so funny! Well lets get back to Destroyed Melodies!

Drew fan fic is very different from all the fan fics! It's kinda going the same way as Made in Mason City but different! This fan fic talks or shows the ugly side of the music industry, which is ThuyNga productions!

Reading about singers getting to fights and hooking up or bad rumors, eventhough it's not true, its HALIRIOUS to imagin if it happen in real life! Oh Marie To would be pissed off! Hehhee

I don't really know if I am going to be in this fan fic yet! So keep on reading! There will be more action, fighting, guests, and more!

[Loan Chau]: Today's breaking news! Tuan didn't release chapter 10! Ahhh Whose fault is it? Ngo4k3's!! Hehhe.... Ngo4k3 wasn't serious about not letting Tuan post up his next chapter! Ngo4k3 said that he's really sorry for miscommunication and readers please forgive him too!

Please? I would! Because he brought you all to enjoy this special edition he did for everyone to enjoy!

Okay! Now let's get back to thr Fan Fic Convention! I am here standing next to the fabulous Bao Han! HEhhe Just kidding! She is beautiful! Isn't she?

[Bao Han in the back]: Yes I am!!

[Loan Chau]: Bao Han can't show herself yet! You'll see! Its a SUPRISE!

Well! This is Modern Beauties! Written by Tuan! This fan fic is based on a T.V series that I like to watch, The Desperate Housewives! Don't spread rumors that I am desperate now! Or else!Hehhhee

Modern Beauties was released shortly after Made in Mason City, which I will end my tour with after the 2nd part of act ends! The premeire was wonderful! It was a big bang! Did anyone came to the after party!? It was the BOMB! HEHHHE Having a big bang for the premeire the generous gentlemen released a 2nd chapter for the readers to enjoy!

More about Modern Beauties coming soon and Made in Mason City! This is your tour guide Loan Chau signing off! Bye Bye and enjoy the act!

[Ky Duyen]: There's nothing funny about me getting fired in real life! How about you getting fired!? Hahhaha No Just kidding!!
Modern Beauties is one of my favorites!I like how Tuan used "Tu Dai My Ngan!" This boy must loved vietnamese culture!
After the 2nd show of Made in Mason City, there will be another suprise for you all! Now sit back and enjoy the rest of Made in Mason City Season 1!
Curtains open and show began!
Fan Fic Convention Part.3 Coming Soon!Stay Tune for more fun and excitements!

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