Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fan Fic Convention Part. 4

[Tu Quyen]: Hello! I am Tu Quyen! Your new Tour Guide! We are going to take a few minutes before we show you the suprise and before your old one comes back and kill me!

Made in Mason City has finished it's first Season! This is a special fan fic with just more than a piece of writting and a banner. It has video clips! Hehhe I love those! Don't you!?

Well, that's not important! This fan fic is different from the rest b/c it doesn't have one writter but two writters! They are Mnn and PupplyLo! With both talented writters from Never Ending Fairy Tale, makes Made in Mason City outstanding. Don't tell anyone but I like this one a lot! And don' tell Minh Tuyet that I love the fights between her and Loung Tung Quang! She hates those parts! HEHHehhe

Well the four main characters are Bang Kieu, Loung Tung Quang, Minh Tuyet, and Nhu Loan. Too bad I am not in this one! Man I would love to get in a fight with Minh Tuyet! HAHHAH Just Kidding! Love you Tuyet!

[Loan Chau]: TU QUYENN! You better RUNNN!

[Tu Quyen]: OH NO! Who let her out!?

Back to the stage with Minh Tuyet!

[Minh Tuyet]: HAHHA You better love me!

Well as you all know I am in all 4 fan fics! Except Path to Destiny! Which will be mention later with Tu Quyen if she get a chance again!Hhehee

We have more then one suprise for all of you! We have lots of them!

We all knew that all of you will love our acting in Made in Mason City Season1! That we are acting out Seeking Happiness! Remember that fan fic?

There will be the same casts as before!Gosh, why do I have to be the bad one!?Oh well!

Okay here is the trailer of the show!

Shows Clip

[Minh Tuyet]: Ahh I keep forgeting! My Cd will come out soon after PBN 88 releases! Okay! So remember and by the original!Hehheeh

Minh Tuyet sorry for the delays b/c I am too picky with how the songs came out and I wanted to re-record them. Also Tuyet is super busy and have to find time to record and take photos for the cd and all the good stuff that you all would like!

Okay for the second suprise! We put a little concert for you all! We will sing one lien khuc and the rest are solos and duets!

The third suprise, the cast from Legend of 2 Sisters will act out one scene from Season 2! That will be out in Spring 2008!

Then we will go back to Tu Quyen or Loan Chau!

Before all of this start! We will take a break and we will put a clip of whats coming soon!Okay see you all soon!


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