Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FanFic Convention Part. 1

[Director]: We are live in 1,2,3....

[Backround Music Playing ] Song: Lien Khuc Vang Trang Co Don

[Loan Chau]: Hello fellow viewers and fans of fan fiction! I am your Loan Chau, your tour guide! I am here inside the fan fic covention in Knotts Berry Farm Theatre! This convention is very special b/c the singers who are in these fabulous fan fics are selling posters from the fan fic and their own products! Also the singers who come to enjoy the convention are selling their products also! In the back you can see posters of the Talent Show, thats where the contestants are selling their cds!

I am proud to be here! Even if I am not your tour guide, I'll be part of the convention! You all know that I am Chau Loan in The Legend of the Two Sisters! My first premire was on chapter 9! Enough about my part in the fan fic, lets talk about the fan fic that are in the convetion today!

[Loan Chau]: Well as you all know, fan fic wasn't that popular until The Never Ending Fairy Tale was created! It was just a little game created by Tuan @ Thuynga forums in Chi Quyen's forum! All the members such as Ngo4k3, Mnn, Puppylo16, and more got into this very much! Having a good time writtng this fan fic, the three writters and including Tuan, went their own ways and wrote their fan fics!

Ngo4k3 was the first to post his fan fic! The Legend of the Two Sisters, which is the poster you can see to my right. Where you will see the other posters! Also, he is the owner of Entertainment247!

Ngo4k3 based his fan fic similar to The Never Ending Fairy Tale, which was able to got readers to come! Ngo4k3 is doing really well, and pacing himself! The fan fic is on its 11th chapters and the good stuff is coming! There will be a special suprise coming up in the few chapters! I know you all will love it! I did!Hehheheh

[Loan Chau]:The poster to the right is Destroyed Melodies! This fan fic writter is a fan of The Never Ending Fairy Tale. Drun13 known as Drew released is fan fic after The Legend of the Two Sisters. Drew is a smart guy, he made his chapters short b/c he knew that readers would not have enough time to read everyone fan fics!

After a long time of not posting new chapters, there were high demands for more! Drew quickly started posting and he is now on his 10th chapter!

I will take a break from talking about the fan fics and stay tune for more! Now to Ky Duyen!

[Ky Duyen]: Hello everyone! Welcome to Entertainment 247 's 2007 Fan Fic Convention!

[Crowd]: Whooohoooo!

[Ky Duyen]: As you all know, the top fan fic Made in Mason City has recently ended Season 1! Having as the best, today we have a special suprise for everyone! Ngo4k3 or Dylan, asked the singers who are in the fan fic if they wanted to act out the fan fic! The singers were very happy with the idea and agreed! Before we start the show here is the Season 1 trailer!


[Ky Duyen]: Now sit back and enjoy Made in Mason City Season 1 Live for the the first time ever!

The curtains opens and the show began!


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