Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fan Fic Convention Part.3

[Ky Duyen]: Sniff Sniff! Oh I am sorry! The ending to season1 is so sad! Hope the person will be back in the season 2!

You've have seen Made in Mason City Season 1 live! Next time if there is, you'll get to see Season 2 live in 2008!Come back next time!

We still have more suprises coming so dont leave yet! Before I return the spotlight back to our tuor guide, as you all know on July 5th, PBN 88:Lam Phuong 3- Duong Ve Que Huong will release. I am proud to present you a little video clip of what PBN 88 is all about!

Shows Clip:

PBN 88

[Ky Duyen]: Hope you all like the little preview of PBN 88 and hope you all will buy the original and support Thuynga!

Now back to Loan Chau, our tour guide with Modern Beauties!

And if those who just tune in to our convention, please stay and enjoy! The previous parts of the convention is on the Entertainment 247 website.

[Loan Chau]: Hello again! WOW! That was a suprise and shocking to see what happened to your favorite singer, I mean actors and actress!

Okay!I am now at the Modern Beauties section, and behind me is the poster banner of the fan fic! Doesn't the girls look lovely?

[Tu Quyen in the back]: Yes! We do! Thankyou Tuan for putting me in your fan fic!Hehheee

[Loan Chau]: I'll tell him that!

As I said before, Tuan used " Tu Dai My Ngan" in this fan fic to deminstrate how beautiful or glamourous the girls all!

Ummm I don't really know to much about this!HEhhe because I am new with this one so I am going to read the info sheet for you!

This is about season 1! Okay soo.. on the roaming streets of Wisteria Lane there are known to be four beauties whose calls themselves the modern ‘Tu Dai My Nhan’. They have unbelievably magnificent beauty, the best desired bodies, the sweetest and calming voice, and their greatest ability is to argue with anyone and everyone for hours without backing down. At the first glance anyone would have the impression of them being ‘sluts and conceited modernize beauties’. However, their hearts are always in the right places; loving and caring for everyone around – especially each other because they are all orphans.

Wow! Nice use of big words! Study, Study! Right!? and READ ,READ!

Just in! There is a Summer Reading Program at all local libraries! Come and join the fun! There are prizes and etc. All ages can join!

Wow sounds nice! Join guys! You already reading!HEhhehhe

Okay now back to Ky Duyen!

[Ky Duyen]: Thankyou Loan Chau!

Now we have a special suprise for all of you! And I know that you all will jump out of your seats and scream!!


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