Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ENT 247 News - July 25th

Minh Tuyet: Hello Entertainment 247 viewers and fans! Hello to trung tam ThuyNga fans and my fans!!

Hehhehhe, I am very happy to be the person who will bring the FIRST news to everyone on ENT 247 News!!

For those of you who dont know what is ENT 247 News is about. I will tell you! ENT 247 News is a place to find out about the many fanfics written by faboulous writers and updated news on the fanfics! We will bring you the same fun and exciting news as the FanFic Convention!

We will go into more depth in the fanfics and keep everyone on track with them!

Other than fanfics, we will update everyone with new releases from not only vietnamese entertainment but american entertainment! So stay tune with ENT 247 News every WEDNESDAY! And there will be different people who will bring the news to you!

Another exciting news for everyone is, TODAY is the day that my 4th solo cd, "Yeu Mot Nguoi, Song Ben Mot Nguoi" releases! So go get your copy!

Also, for those who have been waiting for Huynh Gia Tuan's cd "Driven," to hit your stores, will be delayed b/c of high demands and high volumes of orders in ThuyNga, it will be pushed back until later notice! But that will not stop you from getting it! You can exclusively order from Huynh Gia Tuan online by PAYPAL.COM or MONEY ORDER! You can go to HGT's website or myspace. More information will be in Thuynga forum news!

Oh before I forget! It is Entertaining You's 1st Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Go to the blog and congradulate Tuan on his success! Also, Vietentertainment 247 Forums's 1st anniversary is coming up also! So congradulate them both!

Minh Tuyet: Okay now lets get into FANFIC FUN!Hehhehee

In the fanfic convention, we didnt get to all the fanfics, expecially the NEW ones!

NTBN Studios, popular as Entertaining You and Entertainment 247, has produced a new spectacular fanfic series! "Deadly Secrets," released on July 12th 2007!

"Deady Secrets," is set in the ancient times. There is a well known, successful business man, Tuan Ngoc, that everyone treats well. He has a lovely daughter, me! Who he loves truely and his only niece, Tu Quyen. Which I didn't get along with until she told be a depressing secret. My mother died in a fire along with Tu Quyen's father, my uncle who died along time ago. Tuan Ngoc always tried to find a man for me to marry but I always dispises his men he picks. Instead I go to the village, which the villagers never seen me before, I bump into Bang Kieu! Who I fall in love with!Hehhe

Well thats all I can tell you all about this fanfic! Just read it and you will enjoy it! Like me!Hhehehe. I enjoy all the fanfics, with or without me!

Another fanfic is, "Love is in the Air," that release on July 5th! Which is also in the ancient times also! I think! I guess I have to leave this to Thuy Tien next week! Sorry!

We are running out of time and have to end this show. Sorry! Also, I have to go soon to get ready for my trip for the Aussie Concert Tour! See some of you there! Just to let you all know this is pre-tapped! The rest will be live! Sorry, we are going to have to end today's news! Sorry Fantasy Believer! Ngo4k3 forgot to tell me about your fanfic!Sorry!

That's todays news! Until next time for more fun!Bye Bye!!

Next Week: Thuy Tien will continue with "Love is in the Air"

Captures taken from Kavana's Exclusive BTS Interview Video Clips


Forgot what she was going to say, mixed up her words

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