Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Time to Show What You Got!

You all are familiar with the hit show that have been on for 5-6 years and has the biggest views, "American Idol." American Idol, where many people have auditions to be a singer and go all the way! With many viewers and with fans who loved this show, American Idol is on its 5th or 6th Season! From many past winners such as, Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and etc. they grew to become famous singers and have released to 1-3 singles!
Just like American Idol, a famous vietnamese production, ThuyNga(aka Paris By Night) had produce a Talent Show to find a new singer in 2007! This was ThuyNga's first attempt to produce an excellent show to find a young and hip singer that will be love by vietnamese fans! ThuNga didn't have only one winner but two, People's Choice and Judges' choice! Eventhough the People's Choice was a shocking, but the Judges' Choice was excellent! When the show was taped, it was broadcast live on, the whole entire show was live. Viewers everywhere was able to watch the contestants and vote for their favorites!
On April 12th, PBN86 was released! This dvd was the first part of the show, semi finals that consits of 13 contestants and the main singers of Thuynga. Everyone have loved the dvd and waits patiently for the second part of the show. Also, for those who didn't watch the live webcasts, waits to see if their favorite contestant will win!
Today, April 25th, PBN87 is released!Finally!, the results are in and everyone can't wait to get their hands on the original copies!Now there are only 7 contestants left and they have to show to the judges wait they got in order to win the name of a "Singer!"


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